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Welcome to Death over the Horizon
DOTH is a Guild Wars 2 Guild based on the Fort Aspenwood server. 
We do Regular Dungeon runs so you can avoid those nasty PUGS (Pick Up Group). We Partake in WvW and do Fractals very frequently. 

With Guild Missions being introduced we will be getting into these as soon as possible
If you wish to become a member Mail us in game


"Password available from guild members"

=====We have 3 Major Rules=====
Respect for thy fellow Guildies
Do not beg simply ask once if no one says anything forget it
Behave yourself there is a fine art to not being a Dick so keep it to yourself if it might offend someone
Guild News


Shogen, May 8, 13 11:20 PM.
ok just heads up for anyone who was left behind 

we have merged with Aspiring Brotherhood (pact) 

plz contact anyone Dindin, Dee, Sham, Shogen and we will get you an invite

Dindin Pls, Apr 24, 13 12:18 AM.
Ahhh... Where is everybody? :(( lets play!

Members Poll

Anokii, Mar 23, 13 10:31 PM.
Please be sure to let us know what time zone your in (or closest to) so we can start lining up a strategy on what time would best suit running some Guild events.

"Please use the Voting poll on the main page" ~ Shogen

News 24/03/2013

Shogen, Mar 23, 13 10:30 PM.
-In other News-
Today I will keep it short and simple

The website has been updated with the following

  • A Spotify Playlist in the forums with varied styles of music, some old classics like Rolling Stones to new up and comming artists like Lindsey Stirling and Novi Novak
  • A Dragon Timer Page (the page is a work in progress but it gives you the times of the Dragons and some better achievement  details for the website)
    Credit goes to Veys for the Dragon Timer
  • A new Voting poll has been added to the home page in the top right column 
  • some work on the forums has been done by dee 
things coming in the near future Gee Pee will be promoted to have some further access to the website in terms of design and layout, and further work reguarding the forum and Library will be done soon

also please check out one of our fellow guildies channel: SkullWhiteSith's channel on youtube (link can be found in the library under helpful tutorials)

=Fun and Games=

-Video of the Day-

-Gaming News-
just a heads up these videos are coming from 3 website MMOHUT, MMOBOMB & MMORPG so when ever the latest one is posted Ill post the 
Closest date I post the news on the website.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Shogen, Feb 26, 13 8:55 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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